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STOP PRESS! Lawnmower triggers Northern Lights alert

Friday, 5 January 2018 16:06:10 Europe/London

Last week an alert was accidentally triggered with Aurora Watch after a lawnmower got too close to one sensor which recorded a "massive spike" in data. Scientists at Lancaster University were alerted to this activity on 23rd August, prompting speculation regarding visibility of the Northern Lights from the UK. 

However, the alert was withdrawn four hours later as an investigation showed that the spike had actually been caused by a groundsmen using a ride-on mower driving too close to the sensor!

Whilst we can't promise the Northern Lights, we can promise a wide range of quality, competitively priced garden machinery :-) Why not browse our website or call into our friendly shop in Green Hammerton where we will be happy to offer help and advice.  

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AL-KO 523 VS Highline mower voted Which? Best Buy

Friday, 5 January 2018 16:05:30 Europe/London

Which? Best Buy Lawnmowers Award March 2016

The AL-KO 523 VS Highline is a multi award winning 51cm quality 4INONE function German engineered petrol lawn mower with mowing, collection, side discharge and mulching options. The AL-KO 523 VS Highline is powered by a reliable Briggs & Stratton 675 EX Ready Start engine which features a Super Lo-Tone™ Muffler for quieter operation, Maxi-Clean™ air cleaner for longer life and the ReadyStart® starting system. The variable speed drive feature on this lawnmower allows the speed to be adapted to the user's walking pace and to suit the mowing conditions. The extra tall MAX AIRFLOW steel deck and extra large discharge channel increase the airflow by 42% resulting in the collection box being filled to its optimum capacity with the grass cuttings being thrown to the back of the grass collector rather than the bottom as is the case with most other lawnmowers. With other convenient features such the space saving upstanding storage position, central 7 height cutting adjustment, adjustable ergonomic soft grip handlebars along with a 5-year domestic warranty, the AL-KO 523 VS Highline is a versatile, comfortable and efficient petrol lawnmower.

This fantastic award winning mower is available via our website at:

Or why not call into our friendly shop in Green Hammerton (near York) where we will be happy to offer advice. 

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How to use lawn weed killer

Friday, 5 January 2018 16:04:44 Europe/London

When and how to kill weeds in your lawn is based upon when they are growing, this means starting in April and finishing as late as early October. 

Don't be tempted to rush into applying lawn weed killer to the whole of your lawned area in the early days as a lot of the weeds will not show their face until much later on in the season, just spot weed early on and even get down and pull them by hand. 

As a rule of thumb we recommend applying weed killer to complete lawns in August and September.


  • Most weed types are still likely to be visible
  • The early seeds will have germinated and therefore you will attack these too
  • In the autumn it is easier as the weeds are not winter hardened
  • Very simply if you kill in autumn you will have a weed free lawn in spring
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Which lawnmower?

Friday, 5 January 2018 16:03:42 Europe/London

Choosing the best lawnmower can save you money and make mowing your garden easier.
Buying the very best lawnmower can be a daunting task, here at Harland Garden machinery we are here to help with our years of experience. If you have a question just hit chat, telephone or send us an email.  With hundreds of lawn mowers available it may seem extremely difficult to make the right decision, so how do you start narrowing down the options?
A good starting point is to ask yourself these questions:
  • How large is your lawn? Do you need to have an accessible electric supply and how long will it take to cut?
  • Are you looking for a model that is great for quickly tidying up a small patch?  Budget lawnmowers can be great for entry level, but longevity of your lawnmower is paramount to saving money.
  • Do you need a more powerful lawnmower that can cut through long grass in a large area? Do you require a ride on mower that can collect or mulch your grass?
  • How tall or strong are you? Mowing your grass should be enjoyable and relaxing, if you are tired and aching from pushing and pulling then you are less likely to want to do it regularly - we can advise on the correct mower for your needs.
  • Do you require a model that will handle well on a slope or can manoeuvre around trees and ponds? We stock small garden mowers for tricky areas and large industrial mowers that drive in 4x4 mode.
  • How smart do you want your lawn to look? From neat and tidy to bowling green finish we can arrange a demonstration and provide you with the very best lawnmower for the job.
  • How much space do you have to store your mower? One point that all users must consider, as there is no point in getting a huge lawnmower if you have nowhere to store it!

These are just a few points on how to choose the correct lawnmower, please feel free to call in to our shop in Green Hammerton (near York) where we will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the best machine for you. 

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Mowing your lawn - Top Tips

Friday, 5 January 2018 16:03:05 Europe/London

Remember that mowing is pruning and therefore care and attention to the fundamentals is paramount to getting the best results.

Proper mowing increases the density, appearance and health of a lawn. Follow our mowing tips to ensure a beautiful healthy lawn.

A great tip to remember to is the 1/3 rule — never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time.

While a healthy lawn can survive an occasional close cut, repeated close mowing produces a brown lawn and has several harmful side effects, including:

  • Break up and damage to the crown (this is where the new growth generates and essential nutrients for your lawn are stored)
  • Damage to surface area of the grass blade, which can render it unable to produce food that is required for regeneration
  • Weeds may be allowed the sunlight required for them to germinate, and therefore more will appear
  • Risk of soil compaction

Also remember to:

  • Mow when the grass is dry
  • Avoid mowing your lawn in the heat of the day (try and stick to mowing in the early morning or late afternoon)
  • Keep your mower blades sharp and clean as damaged ones may kill your grass blades
  • Change the mowing pattern each time you mow
  • Avoid mowing your lawn backwards - always cut your lawn in a forward motion
  • Leave clippings on the lawn as this will return nutrients to the lawn and recycyle
  • Consider using a mulching mower


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.

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Best Buy Strimmer

Friday, 5 January 2018 16:01:51 Europe/London

There is a vast choice of strimmers on the market and it can be difficult to know which is the best one for you. This article is here to help :-)

So what are the different types of strimmer?

Electric Strimmers - these are powered by mains electricity and therefore have long cables, they can therefore be a a good choice for smaller gardens. While they are relatively inexpensive, the cable means that you are restricted by your power source which can cause problems in larger gardens. We would also recommend that a cut off socket is always used.

Cordless Strimmers - these are usually more expensive than electric models, but allow more flexibility. As they are battery powered they can only be used for a limited time and therefore they are mainly recommended for medium sized gardens (most cordless strimmers will give around 20 minutes of run time).

Petrol strimmers - these are the most expensive type of strimmer. Petrol strimmers, also known as brushcutters, are best for cutting down large areas of long grass and weeds. Petrol strimmers are the most effective mobile option and are best for large gardens that can’t be tackled in one go with a cordless electric trimmer. All you need is a can of petrol and you can work for hours at a time, unlike with cordless electric models which need recharging regularly.

Why not browse our selection of quality strimmers from a range of leading manufacturers at:

Or give us a call on 01423 330 455 and we will be happy to offer advice.

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Turf vs. seed

Friday, 5 January 2018 16:00:42 Europe/London

This really is the first decision to be made when thinking about a new lawn and there are a variety of factors to consider.

Did you know that contrary to popular belief, grass seed does not necessarily make a better quality lawn than turf. The results can be very similar but the choices of grass type are generally far greater with seed allowing you to have exactly the right type of grass for your needs.

Seed sheets are an alternative seeding method. They can be expensive and require careful installation but once in situ work very well. They are particularly worthy of consideration for steep slopes where seed may wash away.

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Choosing a lawnmower

Friday, 5 January 2018 15:52:37 Europe/London

For the moment we will ignore the power source of the lawnmower and concentrate on the cutting systems as this is the most important for lawn quality. In general there are two different types of cutting system for lawn mowers:

  • cylinder lawn mower or reel mower has anywhere between five to twelve exposed blades at the front of the mower that rotate trapping and slicing the grass blades against a fixed bottom plate like a pair of scissors. The more blades there are the better the cut. The grass box is at the front. The downside of this cutting system is that it works best on a low or short cut and will NOT cut long grass. This means frequent mowing, usually twice a week, but at least once a week in the lawn growing season to ensure a good cut.
  • Rotary lawn mowers have one very high speed rotating blade underneath. The blade ‘chops’ the grass on impact due to its very high speed. Most rotary mowers have the grass box behind with a few having an integral grass box. These mowers work best on a medium to high cut. You can get variations on these such as ride on mowers or tractor mowers which are just larger ride on versions. The hover mower is very common domestically and is similar to rotary mowers but without wheels. Some people still use hand mowers which are similar to cylinder mowers with you as the power source.

Quality of Grass Cutting

The quality of cut due to the slicing ‘scissor’ type action of the cylinder lawn mower, if maintained correctly, is superior to that of the ‘chopping’ or ‘smashing’ action of a rotary mower. However, a rotary mower with sharp blades and sufficient power produces a sufficiently good cut that most people would not know the difference; particularly when you take into account all the other imperfections that exist in a lawn.

The best way to explain the ‘quality of cut thing’ is to think about a bottle of wine. A very good wine might cost £20 to £30 a bottle. An extra-ordinary wine might cost £200 a bottle. How many of us could tell the difference? It’s no different with a good quality rotary versus a good cylinder mower.

Mower Maintenance

In addition, the blades of a cylinder mower need periodic and precise adjustment to maintain the quality of cut. If this is not done properly it will cause the mower to ‘chew’ the grass producing an exceptionally poor cut – far worse than a blunt rotary mower! If you don’t want to fiddle or are not mechanically minded this is as good a reason as any to stay away from cylinder mowers.

Mower Height Adjustment

Perhaps a more important difference between rotary mowers and cylinder mowers is the range and type of height adjustment. A quality cylinder lawnmower can ‘shave’ as close as 3/16” and can be raised up to about an inch without too much loss of mowing quality. A typical rotary lawnmower on the other hand won’t go much below 1/2” and can be raised up to perhaps 3” or even 4” without deterioration in cut.

The narrow range of height adjustment on a cylinder mower often means mowing at least twice a week in the growing season to keep within the ‘one third rule’. This also enables the mower to work properly and cut the grass cleanly. For your information, bowling and golf greens are usually cut every one to two days in the playing season!

The one third rule: never remove more than one third of the grass lead on any one cut

The type of height adjustment is either on a screw thread (offering infinite positions) or lever action with set positions. The number of settings is important because it determines the change in cutting height from one setting to the next. The more settings generally means smaller changes in cutting height which may also improve the highest and lowest settings. A mower with five settings is good with seven settings being excellent. Ride ons can often have ten or more settings.

Now, the typical lawn with its surface imperfections, perhaps poor drainage, shade, trees and roots, kids and dogs, even if of superb quality, with lots of TLC will always be greener and healthier cut at or above 1”………..

This means using a rotary mower!

Once you start mowing below ¾” your lawn needs to be ultra level to prevent scalping and should be the very fine bristle like grasses. You also need to know what you are doing so, as far as Lawnsmith is concerned, cylinder mowers are for serious amateur gardeners and lawn enthusiasts; rotary mowers are for normal people!

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