Choosing the best lawnmower can save you money and make mowing your garden easier.
Buying the very best lawnmower can be a daunting task, here at Harland Garden machinery we are here to help with our years of experience. If you have a question just hit chat, telephone or send us an email.  With hundreds of lawn mowers available it may seem extremely difficult to make the right decision, so how do you start narrowing down the options?
A good starting point is to ask yourself these questions:
  • How large is your lawn? Do you need to have an accessible electric supply and how long will it take to cut?
  • Are you looking for a model that is great for quickly tidying up a small patch?  Budget lawnmowers can be great for entry level, but longevity of your lawnmower is paramount to saving money.
  • Do you need a more powerful lawnmower that can cut through long grass in a large area? Do you require a ride on mower that can collect or mulch your grass?
  • How tall or strong are you? Mowing your grass should be enjoyable and relaxing, if you are tired and aching from pushing and pulling then you are less likely to want to do it regularly - we can advise on the correct mower for your needs.
  • Do you require a model that will handle well on a slope or can manoeuvre around trees and ponds? We stock small garden mowers for tricky areas and large industrial mowers that drive in 4x4 mode.
  • How smart do you want your lawn to look? From neat and tidy to bowling green finish we can arrange a demonstration and provide you with the very best lawnmower for the job.
  • How much space do you have to store your mower? One point that all users must consider, as there is no point in getting a huge lawnmower if you have nowhere to store it!

These are just a few points on how to choose the correct lawnmower, please feel free to call in to our shop in Green Hammerton (near York) where we will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the best machine for you.