As summer draws to a close, we all need to start thinking about preparing our lawns for the winter months ahead. Here’s our handy guide to autumn lawn care:


  • It is important to mow less often during the autumn months as the rate at which your grass grows will begin to slow down. You should also raise the cutting height on your mower to leave grass blades longer than in the summer. This will help protect your lawn against treading once the wet weather arrives. It will also help the lawn withstand the last of the dry, warm weather (here’s hoping!).
  • September is the perfect time of year to lay a new lawn from turf or plant one from seed. It is also the ideal time to repair any damage from the summer by patching bald areas with new turf or seed. If you have any brown patches caused by drought then don’t worry, these should quickly green up when the rain comes and temperatures fall towards the end of the month.
  • Apply an autumn lawn feed after scarifying and aerating your lawn. The potassium in the food will help your lawn to harden up in preparation for the winter months ahead. Be sure not to use a summer feed as these contain high levels of nitrogen which will cause softer, weak growth that will be prone to disease during autumn.
  • Once you have applied lawn feed you may also choose to add a loam or sand top dressing which can help to improve soil quality, smooth the lawn service and help protect your grass over the winter. Top dressings are easy to apply - you simply work them into the lawn using a stiff brush or the back of your rake.
  • September is the last month in which you can use weedkiller on your lawn, so take this chance to control perennial weeds such as buttercups and daisies.
  • Remember to book your mower in for its winter service so that you avoid the rush at the beginning of next year and have it back ready for the spring. We are currently offering 10% off all lawnmower services booked in before 31/12/16 so why not call us today quoting reference ‘GARDEN10’ to take advantage of this great offer!